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Groundwater Drilling

Geotechnical Core Drilling  

Dolomite Stability Investigation

Reverse Circulation Drilling

Agriculture, Domestic & Commercial Groundwater Solutions  - Percussion Drilling

We assist the various industry in meeting their water demands, through specialized hydrogeological expertise. We can derive solutions for securing groundwater to augment your water supply. We install automated systems to manage the water demand, supply and equip boreholes with off the grid solutions such as windmills and solar systems to assist clients in reducing their carbon footprint, reducing electricity bills and have backup systems during power failures.

Geotechnical Drilling For Roads, Construction & and Exploration Industries - Percussion & Core Drilling

Africa Geo Intel has extensive knowledge in percussion and core drilling. We have a wide range of expertise in the field of Geotechnical Drilling for Bridges, Roads, Construction and Groundwater. Our inhouse geologists are equipped with skills set to ensure you meet your prescribed requirements in geotechnical drilling.

Exploration Drilling - Reverse Circulation & Core Drilling

Our fleet of drilling rigs are suitable for application in vertical and inclined core drilling. We have assisted consultants in the mining, and exploration industry in successfully completing projects ranging from cathode protection systems installation for large refinery tanks, rise bore drilling for mine ventilation systems, coal explorations, platinum group elements exploration and limestone exploration.

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