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Choose your pricing plan

  • 60 m Borehole

    Perfect for Household / small holdings
    • 15 m Borehole Steel Casing
    • Site Establishment
  • Camera Inspection

    Blocked Boreholes, Lost pumps, and Diagnosis
    • 0 - 100 m
  • Groundwater Info

    Is there water/how deep is groundwater in my area?
    • A map of your area and proximity to boreholes with water
    • The depth of the boreholes drilled in your area
    • The water table levels in your area
    • The yields of boreholes in your area
    • The geological formation of your area
  • Dolomite Stability

    Dolomite Stability Investigations: Erf <2000 square meters
    • Comprehensive Dolomite Stability Investigation
  • Geotechnical Service

    Geotechnical Investigation: Single Stand < 2500 sqm erf
    • Foundation Recommendations
    • Soil Classification/grading
    • Soil Strength / bearing capacity
  • Borehole Siting

    Borehole Siting / Survey /Divining
    • Geophysical Assessment of Site
    • Hydro Census - Groundwater Availability, yields & depth
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